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TeacherWhen we are parents of a teenager we are usually a very often guest at school, since each week there are some problems which you have to talk about with your child’s teacher. When you start meeting him or her more often, you can start thinking that there might be something wrong with. It can be a very small detail that made you think this way. When it comes to you child’s security you should never ignore such signals and try to look at the issue somehow closer. I don’t encourage to inform police about the teacher, but I strongly advise you to perform a few checks on him or her. The teacher will never know about them, but you will feel much more relaxed when you’re sure that your child’s not it a potential danger

Such check can be performed in every place where you have a computer or some other device, like let’s say smartphone or an ipad if you like. The only important thing is that you should be able to open websites on it. Once you have access to such equipment, you can start searching for a background check. You will surely stumble upon a lot of websites offering different types of such look ups. First you have to decide what information you want to use as a criteria to your search. Currently it can be name of the person, SSN, phone number or even an e-mail address. If the teacher’s name seems to be quite popular you will have to narrow your search by for example city where he lives or estimated age, since when you just type for example “Jason Smith”, you will be faced with thousands of records and it will take ages to find the right person and get details about him. Teachers very often give their personal cell phone numbers to the parents, so that they can call them in any emergency. If you have been given your teachers number, it will be much easier to perform a cell phone lookup rather than to search by name.

When you decide which criteria you’re going to use, it’s a time to choose the type of search – whether you only want to look up the person in the sex offender registry or check his criminal records or maybe only court records? Personally I would vote for the most comprehensive search which will let you get information from all possible sources.