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Currently there are more than 300,000,000 cell phones in use in the USA, but each day the number of them grows. This means that virtually every citizen of United States have at least one cell phone. The consequences are pretty simple and easy to understand – everybody can call you. Most of the times the reason for calling will be reasonable but in some cases the caller will just make a prank call just to entertain himself. If the situation occurs just once, it’s not so annoying, but when it starts to be continuous, it can get very irritating.

Such unwanted calls can totally disorganize your life, especially when the prank caller calls you in the middle of night waking you up. Just imagine how will you feel when you can’t sleep for a few nights in row. Each morning you will have to wake up early and go to work and nobody will be interested in your excuses when you’re late. You just have to cope with the caller on your own and I will teach you the easiest method to do it.

Once you note down the caller’s phone number, you will be ready to go. Just find a website which offers cell phone lookups and enter the number in the special field which is usually placed in the center of the website. Then you just have to click “Search” button and wait for a while for the results to arrive. Don’t expect to get the full record, if it’s found, you will see just a small bit of it. If you decide to pay for the rest of the information, you will be able to download the full report.

The report will include some basic information about the identity of the owner as well as his home address and possibly a few information about the household – size, income and so on. Once you know such things about the person, you can just call him and tell that you know quite a lot about him. This should effectively discourage you from calling, since it will be much more entertaining for him to call a person who doesn’t know anything about him.

If the call doesn’t help and the prank caller keeps calling you, the best solution will be to visit the guy. When he sees you in person, there is no chance that he will try to call you again. In most of such cases, the prank caller is just a kid or a teenager and once he sees a real danger to him, he will not risk.