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Phone DirectoryTwenty years ago nobody would think that computers will become as popular as they are today. It was a shock to many people who though that there will be actually no use for them in our homes. After years they must have understood how wrong they used to be. Internet played a very important part in making computers more popular. Honestly I can’t imagine a computer without a connection to the internet, it would be just useless. There are a lot of services which are offered only online, which means that a pc with internet connection is absolutely required.

One of such services is a cellphone lookup which can be done only via internet. It’s a quite popular service which can give you some interesting details about a cell phone number owner, for example his name or address. However, it can work in the reversed way – you can find somebody’s cell phone number by his name. It will be a little bit more complicated since phone numbers are unique but people’s names aren’t and you will have to check a few records before you find the right one. The rules here is that the more information you know, the faster you will find the record.

Cell phone directories from time to time update their databases so to make sure that the data is still accurate. On the other hand it’s impossible to verify all the 300,000,000 records each day and thus a situation when wrong data is retrieved can occur. However, this is not a very often situation and usually if it happens, you will get your money back if you like. Of course you should always make sure before paying for service, that this will possible, since there are a few companies reported who charge you for finding a certain record but then they claim that they don’t have the record. And once you ask them to give the money back, you never hear from them again. Unfortunately, it’s quite a popular scam these days and many people have lost some bucks due to this. FTC have taken care of this issue, but there are still websites which work like this.

The easiest way to protect yourself against such rip-offs is to always read reviews and testimonials about the company on other websites. And do never believe just one review, try to find at least a few and analyze whether it was written by the company’s employee or whether it’s an honest review from a real customer.


If I had to count all my friends who don’t possess at least one cell phone, I think I would have to say there is no such person. And this is not only about my friends but about all people living in these times, it’s just impossible to conduct normal life without a cell. Just imagine that you have arranged a meeting with somebody but you have forgotten where exactly were you supposed to meet. How would you ask the other person about the place of your meeting? People who lived twenty years ago surely used to cope with such situation without using phones but for modern people it’s almost unimaginable.

Sometime’s it can happen that we need to call a friend whose phone number is not saved in our cell’s memory. Majority of people think that it’s quite difficult to obtain somebody’s cell phone number by his name. They think that it’s only possible for residential phone numbers, since they are aggregated into White Pages and published for example in the Internet. These people are partly right, since it’s a little bit easier to reverse a land line than a cell phone number. Cell number cannot be collected in any publicly available database without consent of the holder.

However, there are companies which specialise in gathering cell phone numbers data. Such companies buy information from big online stores as well as from other vendors who operate big customers’ databases. Then the information is processed and assembled into cell phone directories. Such directories can be searched by a the holder’s name as well as phone number. Thanks to this, you will be able to execute a cell phone search and find your mate’s number in just a few minutes. If you don’t find the record in the first website which you try, you shouldn’t give up and check other provider, because he may have to information which you need.

And you shouldn’t be worried that your friend will learn that you have been searching for his phone number in such a directory. All the searches are confidential and nobody will be able to find out about your investigation as long as everything what you do is legal and the law enforcement is not involved. It’s needless to say that in such case, they will request the information about any illegal action that you have performed and you have to suffer. On the other hand, while performing a reverse phone lookup is 100% legal it’s hard to imagine a situation when you break the law by using the information retrieved by such a lookup.