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Different Ways To Reverse a Phone Number

Posted on: June 15, 2011

A few years ago when we had to learn some more details about a certain phone number we usually had to hire a private investigator. Unfortunately, services of such professionals can be extremely expensive even for such an easy job like reversing a phone number. On the other hand, private detectives still stay the most effective and accurate way to learn more information about any cellphone number holder.

Fortunately modern technology offers us quite a few alternatives and there are a few which are actually free. The free ones are the least effective but they can still bring you some decent results. The first method will be a traditional search engine, you just type the phone number and browse through the results in order to check whether the phone number has been published somewhere. If you can’t find anything, always try to type the phone number in different formats like “5555555555” or “555-555-5555”, because it can increase the chances of finding the right record.

If you can’t find anything that satisfies you, you can try to check services of people searches such as ZabaSearch or Pipl. These are very comprehensive searches, but most of the interesting data is not available for free. Even if you manage to find the person which you’re looking for, it will quite be difficult for you to learn much for free. The fees aren’t very high, but still you have to pay. On the other hand, once you pay you can gain access to person’s pictures as well as information gathered from social networking websites such as Facebook or Myspace which can be essential in many cases.

The last solution which you can choose is called cell phone lookup. It’s the just the most accurate solution after hiring PI, but the cost is significantly lower than a professional investigator. The amount of information which reverse phone lookup can retrieve is quite impressive. Not only will you get the person’s name as well as home address, but you will be also able to learn his or her previous addresses, family members, household income and depending on the website which you choose public records regarding the person.

If I have to reverse a cell phone number, I always start with the second method which I described – I try for example Google which is my favourite one. Then I usually go straight to a cell phone lookup since I find it a better solution that the people searches mentioned before.

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